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  • Cooperation on equal terms
  • Growing market for film printing using water-based inks
  • New market for the RotaJET
  • Additional colors, flexible materials, promote sustainability
  • Koenig & Bauer has concluded a cooperation agreement for the further development of the RotaJET. With a new press for digitally printed flexible and extensible film, Koenig & Bauer is strengthening its strategic focus on the growth market of flexible and extensible film and digital presses. The press is to be developed on the basis of the RotaJET and the first installations are expected to commence production of digitally printed flexible and extensible film in the coming year

    Exemplary picture of the RotaJET

    “Our RotaJET is already well established on the market when it comes to paper applications and decor printing. As the next step, we now want to venture further into digital printing on flexible and extensible films together with one of the top global players in this field,” says Koenig & Bauer board member Christoph Müller.

    The press will feature a maximum web width of 1,380 mm and will be able to print on both sides of films with a thickness between 0.12 and 0.3 mm. “Koenig & Bauer has built a reputation as a pioneer of high performance, industrial ecological inkjet printing. With our partner, the new press and its water-based inks, we will be in an even better position to promote sustainability, and plan to change the face of the market with digital print for flexible and extensible film aimed at providing improved color precision and additional printing options,” added Christoph Müller.

    Spot colors such as white or metallic colors can then be printed in an inkjet process.

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    news-1848 Thu, 19 Nov 2020 08:50:34 +0100 Koenig & Bauer Durst food safety inks achieve ECOLOGO Certification http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/koenig-bauer-durst-food-safety-inks-achieve-ecologo-certification/
  • UL’s ECOLOGO Certification follows rigorous testing and formulation assessments
  • Inks used in SPC Delta 130 FlexLine Automatic minimize environmental impact
  • Koenig & Bauer Durst demonstrates industry leadership and superior sustainable performance
  • Koenig & Bauer Durst has announced today that its food safety water-based printing inks have successfully achieved UL ECOLOGO® Certification, demonstrating third-party validation of the products’ sustainability performance.

    The Durst WT Food SP Ink and the Durst WT Food MP Ink product lines meet rigorous lifecycle-based environmental performance criteria as defined in UL’s stringent ECOLOGO Standard (2801 – 2012 Standard for Sustainability for Printing Inks). Black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and yellow inks have all been assessed and include no hazardous components defined by the ECOLOGO Standard.

    UL ECOLOGO mark (1)

    The products achieved UL ECOLOGO Certification following the evaluation of multiple criteria throughout a product’s life including energy use, waste disposal, and toxic reductions, among other areas. Using proprietary water-based ink technology, the inks are designed with core technologies to provide automated, productive, food safe printing systems.

    The inks are used in Koenig & Bauer Durst’s Delta SPC Flexline Automatic 130 press. The WT Food SP Ink was designed for fast print processes on corrugated materials and is used for the single-pass print line. It can be used to realize high quality, odorless, abrasion-resistant, glossy and light-fast corrugated products that precisely meet requirements of the packaging industry. The WT Food MP Ink is used in multi-pass printing.

    UL works to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services and organizations.

    Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst, said: “We have always been focused on offering safe and sustainable solutions for our customers, particularly as food safety, sustainability and packaging are constant topics of conversations for converters and brand owners. Our water-based inks ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging. ECOLOGO Certification provides third-party verification that our products are manufactured in a way that minimize environmental impact.”

    The Delta SPC FlexLine Automatic Press (2)

    Dr Stefan Kappaun, a member of Durst Group’s executive team who heads the ink business for all segments as Executive Vice President Inks & Fluids, said: “The assessment involved months of rigorous discussions and formulation assessments. We’re extremely proud to have earned the ECOLOGO Certificate for our Durst WT Food SP and Food MP ink product lines.”

    Alberto Uggetti, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s environment and sustainability division, said: “By earning ECOLOGO Certification, Koenig & Bauer Durst has shown its dedication to a more sustainable way of doing business. Its accomplishment demonstrates industry leadership.”

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    news-1845 Tue, 17 Nov 2020 10:36:20 +0100 Rondo-Pak Achieves Increased Productivity With Installation of New Koenig & Bauer-Iberica Optima 106 Die-cutter http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/rondo-pak-achieves-increased-productivity-with-installation-of-new-koenig-bauer-iberica-optima-106-die-cutter/
  • New die cutter in operation at the firm’s Puerto Rico facility since September
  • Strong partnership with the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and exceeding client expectations
  • Delivering outstanding value, products, and services with this new integral investment
  • Rondo-Pak headquartered in Camden, NJ with additional manufacturing in San Juan, Puerto Rico and part of the international Körber Pharma Group, is seeing increased productivity after the September installation of a new Koenig & Bauer-Iberica Optima 106 die cutter. For nearly three months, the Koenig & Bauer-Iberica Optima 106 has proven its ruggedness, efficiency, and high speed as an integral part of the firm’s production. 

    “The new Optima 106 die cutter has increased our productivity, which is especially important as we continue to grow,” says Bob Reilley, Rondo-Pak’s President and COO. “We have seen a significant increase in our die cutting output with excellent results.”

    The team at Rondo-Pak’s San Juan, Puerto Rico facility is seeing increased productivity after the September installation of its new Koenig & Bauer-Iberica Optima 106 die cutter

    Rondo-Pak has found that one of the most advantageous features of the Koenig & Bauer-Iberica Optima 106 flatbed diecutter is its grip edge removal system. This unique system features pneumatic clamps that fix the wooden templates for optimal and secure positioning and reduces makeready time. Effective removal of grip edge trim is achieved on each job so there are less downstream steps on each job, which saves time and related labor expenses.

    “Rondo-Pak is a unique print and packaging solutions provider focused on delivering
    innovation and value to the life science and consumer healthcare industries,” says Reilley. “We partner with the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and over 100 more companies in healthcare, medical devices and consumer goods. We invest in the latest print and finishing technology to ensure maximum efficiency and product quality. And our knowledge of customer processes makes us a partner for cost-efficient and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical packaging. Our quick turn times assure the timeliness of our customer’s product launches through our Supply On Demand solution. We use the latest and most sophisticated technology to ensure that our customers get the greatest value for their budget. The new Optima 106 is one of our most recent investment acquisitions as part of this goal.”

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    news-1839 Wed, 11 Nov 2020 07:20:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer publishes its Q3 report 2020 http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/koenig-bauer-publishes-its-q3-report-2020/
  • Further improvement of operating earnings in a challenging environment
  • 9M order intake significantly better than the industry trend for printing presses
  • Revenue before special item due to new revenue recognition guideline also better than industry trend
  • Clearly positive cash flow in Q3 and significant improvement compared to the previous year
  • Decided Performance 2024 programme in implementation
  • As in many industries, the Covid-19 pandemic, which is worsening again in most countries over the past few weeks, has left clear traces on the course of business in the Koenig & Bauer group. In Q3, order intake was down 13.8% at €232.6m and revenue was down 32.2% at €198.1m year-on-year. In addition to the effects of the pandemic, this revenue decline was materially due to the new internal revenue recognition guideline of the Koenig & Bauer AG, which caused a once-only revenue shift of €52.5m to 2021 in the Sheetfed segment. In the first three quarters of 2020, new orders of €712.8m were below the previous year’s figure of €843m by 15.4%, although this was better than the general sector figures for printing presses published by industry association VDMA, which dropped by 26.8% in the same period. Cumulative revenue came to €602.6m in the first nine months of 2020 (2019: €798.2m)..

    At the end of September, management and supervisory board decided the Performance 2024 programme, which had been enhanced and expanded over the last few months, to strengthen Koenig & Bauer’s position as leading supplier in packaging, industrial, security printing and postpress as well as to increase the group’s operating profitability. The one-off costs required for the comprehensive package of measures were expensed in Q3 by recognising a provision of €57.6m. In addition, the new revenue recognition guideline mentioned above had a negative effect of €6.3m on EBIT. A positive effect arose from the one-off income of €4.8m from the sale of a real estate asset in Frankenthal. On balance, an EBIT of –€61.3m is reported for Q3. However, EBIT adjusted for one-offs improved substantially from –€34.9m in Q1 and –€10.2m in Q2 to –€2.2m in Q3. Despite the lower effects from short-time working compared with Q2, the adjusted EBIT almost reached the break-even threshold in Q3. In cumulative terms, EBIT for the first three quarters of 2020 came to –€102.2m (2019: €5.2m), group net earnings to –€109m (2019: €1m) and earnings per share to –€6.62 (2019: €0.05).

    At €20.8m and €26.9m, respectively, cash flows from operating activities and free cash flow were in distinctly positive territory in Q3, improving significantly over the same quarter of the previous year (–€27.7m and –€39m, respectively). Despite a higher increase in inventories, this positive performance was underpinned by lower receivables and other assets as well as higher customer prepayments.

    In addition to new developments for security printing, investments in direct corrugated board and digital printing as well as the joint venture with the Durst Group are being advanced as part of the Performance 2024 programme

    Segment performance

    The Sheetfed segment achieved a robust order intake of €128.6m in Q3 (Q3 2019: €132m). Despite the substantial gains with large-format sheetfed offset presses and folder gluers, order intake in the first three quarters declined by 9.9% over the previous year’s figure of €462.6m to €416.6m particularly as a result of lower orders for medium- and half-format presses. The revenue shift of €52.5m to 2021 as a result of the new revenue recognition guideline was the main reason for the decline in Q3 revenue from €151.1m to €81.6m. In cumulative terms, revenue for the first nine months came to €287.1m, falling short of the previous year (€410m) by 30%. With the book-to-bill ratio coming to 1.45, order backlog rose from €242.5m to €312.9m. The revenue effect and the provisions recognised for the Performance 2024 programme resulted in EBIT of –€31.7m in Q3 (2019: –€1.5m). At –€49.1m in the first three quarters, it was significantly lower than the previous year’s figure of –€2.8m.

    Driven by sales successes with RotaJET presses and HP machines, the Digital & Web segment achieved encouraging order intake of €34.1m in Q3 (Q3 2019: €18.1m). Order intake in the first three quarters came to €90.8m, down from €108m in the previous year, due to lower orders in the web offset press business and for flexible packaging printing. At €36m in Q3 and €87.6m in the first nine months, revenue was below the previous year’s figures of €40.9m and €105.4m, respectively, for pandemic-related reasons. The order backlog contracted from €88.4m to €69.3m. EBIT, which was primarily burdened by the provision for the Performance 2024 programme, came to –€9.2m in Q3 and –€21.3m in the first three quarters (previous year: –€4.3m and –€15.1m, respectively).

    Order intake in the Special segment of €82.8m in Q3 and €233.5m in the first nine months was below the previous year’s figures of €131.4m and €306.7m, respectively. The decline in order intake reflects lower orders for security printing, marking and coding as well as glass decorating. On the other hand, there was an order increase in metal decorating. Revenue of €87.3m was achieved in Q3 (2019: €107.8m). The revenue generated in the first nine months decreased to €247.4m (2019: €312.7m). The order backlog reached €273.7m at the end of September after €339.5m in the previous year. EBIT came to –€25.6m in Q3 and –€35.9m in the first three quarters (previous year: €6.6m and €12.9m, respectively) chiefly as a result of the provisions recognised for the Performance 2024 programme.


    President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “In addition to boosting efficiency and scaling the group to the moderate growth expected in the next few years to group revenue of around €1.3bn after the completion of the four-year programme, it aims to strengthen our competitiveness in the long term. By continuing and accelerating all innovation processes, product and process developments, annual cost savings of over €100m should increasingly be achieved until 2024. After implementing the approved cost and structural adjustments, we are still aiming for a return on sales (based on EBIT) of at least 7% in the medium-term. In Q4 2020, the worsening international course of the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to have a negative impact on business performance. For the financial year 2020, we expect group revenue to reach a figure of between €900m and €950m and a negative EBIT before special items in the mid double-digit million range.“

    Figures at a glance

    The financial statements can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

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    news-1840 Tue, 10 Nov 2020 19:31:05 +0100 Koenig & Bauer (US/CA) Announces Kilian Renschler As New CEO and President http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/koenig-bauer-us-ca-announces-kilian-renschler-as-new-ceo-and-president/
  • Mark Hischar retires after 11 years at the helm
  • Koenig & Bauer’s holistic philosophy and management style continues
  • Renschler has more than 30 years of experience in all facets of sales, management, and service in the graphic arts industry
  • In a year-long transition designed to provide smooth continuity and maintain its strong growth and partnerships with its customers, Koenig & Bauer (US/CA) announces that Kilian Renschler, its current executive vice president of sales, has been named the new CEO and president. After 11 years at the helm of Koenig & Bauer (US/CA), Mark Hischar will be officially retiring as of December 31, 2020.  

    "Kilian takes the reins at a time of strong, sustained performance, and we believe he has demonstrated the ability to continue Mark’s innovative vision and impressive holistic management style,” says Claus Bolza-Schünemann, CEO of the Koenig & Bauer Group. “As a seasoned executive, he has the perfect mix of skills and experience to drive the company's continued success and lead us forward delivering strong financial and operational results, business development, and most important of all, providing the industry’s best customer experience.”

    (Left to right) Koenig & Bauer (US/CA) announces that Kilian Renschler, its current executive vice president of sales, has been named the new CEO and president and will take over the helm from Mark Hischar, who will be officially retiring as of December 31, 2020.

    Renschler, who has recently moved to the Dallas area with his family, will continue Hischar’s strong leadership among its North American divisions, which includes sheetfed, web, digital, flexography, post-press, and specialty printing. By handing the baton from one executive to the other, the firm is displaying its strong 203-year history of stability and dedication to its customers. Renschler is a firm believer in Hischar’s team approach in which the sales and service departments are integrated together offering a complete solution from the very first pre-installation meeting through the entire life-cycle of the investment.

    “In consultation with the board of directors and Claus Bolza-Schünemann, I made the decision to retire a little over a year ago in order to assure a continuity in our company leadership,” says Hischar. “By taking the time for a smooth transition, Kilian has been able to integrate into our company on all levels and to learn about our customers’ needs first-hand. He has worked closely with our sales and service teams across the company. I am quite confident that our customers will see a seamless transition as Kilian continues to execute our strategy and deliver superior results that they have come to expect.”

    With more than 30 years of experience in the graphic arts industry, Renschler is an industry veteran who has demonstrated that he is a strong and dynamic leader with a dedicated customer focus and knows all aspects of the printing industry. He joined Koenig & Bauer in the fall of 2019 and spent considerable time at all manufacturing facilities to fully grasp the breadth of technologies Koenig & Bauer offers the printing industry. He has vast experience in the US market having worked for an American print company for five years and as a supplier to the industry while also having spent 20 years with another major press manufacturer as its vice president of global key accounts responsible for developing new customer segments and sales with an emphasis on the commercial and packaging markets. He has hands-on experience with a variety of German and American firms and has a university degree in industrial engineering for print media from Stuttgart.

    Hischar joined Koenig & Bauer in 2009. Under his guidance, the North American division began to use his holistic philosophy of engaging all members of the firm, from the CEO to finance, sales, and service, all in an effort to better serve the customer. This successful mandate allowed the firm to “become the easiest company to do business with” and offer the “ultimate in customer service.” Hischar encouraged everyone—service, parts, sales, and marketing—to work together to ensure the success of all of its customers. He has supported the rise of student interns into the printing industry, held association board positions including chairmanship, and travelled extensively to meet with customers in all market segments.

     “I'm thrilled and honored to be leading this incredible company,” says Renschler. “Working alongside our talented team here in North America, I am committed to upholding Koenig & Bauer’s rich 203 year old heritage of serving its customers. As a leading printing press manufacturer known for its innovative technology and open architecture, I am energized by this appointment and look forward to working with our customers as they choose what’s best for their long-term goals and overall profitability, as a partner with Koenig & Bauer (US/CA)."

    “On behalf of the entire Board, I would like to thank and recognize Mark for his wisdom and leadership,” says Claus Bolza-Schünemann. “He made an indelible mark on our business here in North America, providing strong guidance, a commitment to our customers, leadership, and new ideas as we maintained our strong growth. We are saddened to see him retire but we wish him and his family all the best.”

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    news-1834 Tue, 03 Nov 2020 10:13:27 +0100 Allied Printing Installs Its Sixth Koenig & Bauer Press: a New Rapida 106 Eight-Color Plus Coater Press http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/allied-printing-installs-its-sixth-koenig-bauer-press-a-new-rapida-106-eight-color-plus-coater-press/
  • Sees solid 15% growth due to transition into packaging market
  • Company offers total print solutions from commercial to packaging to digital printing
  • Holistic approach to serving a vast and diverse customer base
  • (Left to right) Betina Sommers, co-founder of Allied Printing, and her grandson, John Sommers, president and CEO, with one of their high-speed Rapida 106 presses from Koenig & Bauer

    With a solid formidable reputation as a high quality commercial printer, Allied Printing Services has diversified its product portfolio to also serve the packaging market. The Manchester, CT firm recently completed another first-rate addition to its pressroom by adding a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 eight-color plus coater press that will enable its stable of Koenig & Bauer presses to contribute to this shift in its production mix.

    “We’re fully equipped to handle high-end packaging work,” says John Sommers, president and CEO of Allied. “Our newest Rapida 106 joins three additional six- and eight-color Rapida 41-inch presses all running at 20,000 sph – the world’s fastest sheetfed press arsenal. These presses with their superior automation allow us to easily switch between commercial and packaging work on the fly.”

    Allied Printing added packaging to its portfolio after seeing that it perfectly fit into the firm’s philosophy and dedication to total customer satisfaction and being able to offer a complete solution. Sommers anticipates that packaging work will continue to grow and become a more substantial contribution to the company.

    During the past six months, Allied has realized more than a 15% growth due to investing in new technology, which includes the newest Rapida press, acknowledges Sommers. “The new automation on the press has reduced waste by 25%,” he says. “We’re very pleased with the press installation and the speed and quality we’ve gained. We appreciate its ease-of-use. Koenig & Bauer ensured that it was up and running very quickly, which satisfied all of our customers—both commercial and packaging. Koenig & Bauer is one of our trusted partners, providing us with a consultative approach to support our corporations core vision and goals.”

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    news-1833 Thu, 29 Oct 2020 07:07:22 +0100 From the first continuous drying oven to a modern MetalStar 3 decorating line http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/from-the-first-continuous-drying-oven-to-a-modern-metalstar-3-decorating-line/
  • The first metal decorating line was installed at Beiersdorf in 1932
  • Metal tins for Nivea Creme have been decorated on Koenig & Bauer presses ever since
  • A Nivea Creme tin from the 1930s (2) (Photo: Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH)

    The loyalty of the Beiersdorf company as a customer plays a special role in the history of metal decorating and is closely linked with the very roots of Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint. LTG Lufttechnische GmbH, a specialist supplier of industrial air conditioning systems, entered the metal decorating market with the first continuous drying oven for metal sheets in 1932. The newly designed oven was an absolute innovation and was paired with a metal decorating press from the Mailänder company which printed the distinctive blue Nivea Creme tins. The first metal decorating line was born. In the past, the sheets had been transported to a batch dryer and then unloaded again by hand, but now they could be conveyed to the oven automatically, carried through the thermal drying process by way of a chain drive and subsequently unloaded automatically.

    The first LTG drying oven installed after a Mailänder metal decorating press in 1932 (1)

    A letter of recommendation dating from 1937 proves just how much Beiersdorf appreciated the LTG oven. Quote:We are very satisfied with the drying oven for metal sheets supplied by your company. The best proof of this was our decision to follow the installation of the first oven with an order for two more.”

    The two companies – Mailänder and LTG – worked together for many decades and installed hundreds of metal decorating lines worldwide until Mailänder was bought up by LTG in 1994. In 2006, LTG Mailänder was acquired by the Koenig & Bauer Group, and integrated into the company which today operates as Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint.  

    The new two-colour MetalStar 3 UV decorating line (3) (Photo: Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH)

    Beiersdorf has remained loyal to the machines of Koenig & Bauer to this day. And the famous Nivea Creme tins are still produced on one of our presses – albeit now on an ultramodern high-performance MetalStar 3 decorating line which was installed at the beginning of the year. In place of a thermal drying oven, the metal sheets are today cured with a UV system. Modern features accelerate makeready and enhance productivity. For example, the MetalStar 3 incorporates fully automatic plate changing. With CleanTronic Synchro the blankets and impression cylinders can be washed at the same time, or the blankets can be washed using two washing beams. CleanTronic SRW permits simultaneous washing of the ink rollers, blankets and impression cylinders. The time required for the washing process is thus significantly shorter.

    MetalStar 3 which continues to produce the famous blue tins for Nivea Crème (4) (Photo: Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH)

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    news-1831 Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:19:55 +0100 Oskar Görner thrives with a Rapida 106 http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/oskar-goerner-thrives-with-a-rapida-106/
  • Over 20 per cent increase in printing capacity
  • A larger print format allows more products per sheet
  • Extremely fast makeready
  • Broad product spectrum including packaging for vinyl records
  • Managing director Daniel Fitzner and printer Simon Wildfeuer (left) discuss the next print job at the console of the Rapida 106 (1)

    It is almost exactly one year since a Rapida 106 started production for Oskar Görner in Chemnitz. The five-colour press with inline coater and extended delivery is the largest sheetfed offset press in use at the company, and easily surpasses the machinery used at all the other commercial printers in the city in terms of sheet format.

    For Oskar Görner, a family business with 25 employees and a history extending back more than 125 years, the Rapida 106 is, first and foremost, the key to significantly increasing printing capacity. The boost in performance can primarily be attributed to high production speeds and fast makeready. While two shifts used to be fully occupied with print production, a quarter of that time has now been freed up for additional print jobs and/or special finishing tasks. This has allowed the level of in-house value creation to be increased accordingly. Inline finishing with matt, gloss or scented coatings has meantime become a daily routine, with the coater also being used for both die-cutting and perforating. The conversion work required for this is completed in a matter of minutes.

    The low height of the ceiling must be kept in mind when working in an historic production hall: Simon Wildfeuer loads new plates into the changers on the printing units (2)

    More products per sheet

    When the time for a new investment came, managing director Daniel Fitzner took a close look at the products available from a range of manufacturers. The relative proximity to the manufacturing plant was one factor that made a sheetfed offset press from Radebeul particularly appealing. Furthermore, the Rapida 106 offered a number of impressive technical features. These included the automatic washing of the coating unit, fast and simple coating forme changes, inline colour control, fully automatic plate changing and the larger format of 750 × 1,060 mm.

    The extra three to five centimetres it offers over the predecessor press are especially valuable for the company. For some calendar formats, the number of pages available from a sheet can be doubled from six to 12. When producing newspaper inserts and some packaging jobs, too, each sheet can now accommodate two, or even four, more products.

    This all brings immense benefits for Oskar Görner. As a full-range commercial printing company, it handles a broad range of commercial products such as newspaper inserts, leaflets and catalogues. Light packaging is another important area. Run lengths fluctuate from just 300 and up to 100,000 sheets. Leaflets incorporating a perforated postcard have already been produced in runs of 300,000 to 400,000 copies. The company’s customers come from all over Germany and its neighbouring countries.

    Daniel Fitzner and Oliver Fuchs from the sales department at Koenig & Bauer (DE) are both delighted with the successful installation of the Rapida 106 (3)

    Everything for vinyl

    One interesting element of the product portfolio is the packaging used for vinyl records. Oskar Görner supplies the whole range of print products associated with record covers, from standard outer sleeves for one or several records, including any special finishes required, to gatefolds, inner sleeves in various forms, labels and booklets.

    A label punch and a specific combination of post-press machines are used to automate the production process after printing to the greatest extent possible. These special products are primarily ordered by agencies or the pressing plants themselves. Some collectors, as Daniel Fitzner has heard, even place record covers on display in their original cellophane wrapping, never listening to the actual record.

    The Rapida 106 makes production and job changeover processes much easier for printer Uwe Schöne (4)

    Print production picks up

    After a noticeable downturn in business in the spring, as experienced by many commercial printers, the print production volumes at Oskar Görner have already returned to last year’s levels. This has undoubtedly been aided by the balanced product mix and the diverse industries in which customers are active. At the same time, the company offers finishing with a special anti-bacterial protective coating to preserve the hygienic cleanliness of the print products for a longer period. Innovations like this have been well received by customers.

    Along with its new Rapida 106, the post-press department at Oskar Görner also boasts state-of-the-art technology which accounts for a total production floor space of almost 2,000 m2: Saddle-stitching, die-cutting, folding and cutting machines stand alongside other equipment for embossing, perforating and numbering. The company’s special flair, however, stems from its unique location. The historic factory halls dating from the early 20th century belong to a complex that has a heritage listing as an industrial monument.

    The Rapida 106 has been used for production at Oskar Görner since autumn 2019 (5)

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    news-1829 Thu, 22 Oct 2020 12:07:35 +0200 Koenig & Bauer Durst announces innovations for Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/koenig-bauer-durst-kuendigt-innovationen-fuer-delta-spc-130-flexline-automatic-an/
  • Water-based orange and violet inks, new automation features and digital primer introduced
  • The updates for SPC Delta 130 FlexLine Automatic will exceed market needs
  • Koenig & Bauer Durst presses meet stringent requirements for food safe primary packaging with positive impact for brand owners
  • Koenig & Bauer Durst has unveiled further updates for its Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic corrugated production press that provides industrial solutions for run lengths from one to millions.

    New water-based orange and violet inks have been launched to ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging and extend the color gamut. This will positively impact upon brand management for brand owners, particularly in producing colour saturations on packaging samples and spot colors. With around 50% of corrugated packaging in food and beverage, the ink set also ensures that converters can invest knowing they will be ahead of the increasingly complex regulatory change curve.

    Koenig & Bauer Durst has also announced new automation features for the Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic that will ensure high productivity and can be integrated into existing customer workflows. Enhanced image quality and special effects, as well as cost reduction, are among the benefits from a new digital primer. New effects that are possible include print embellishment on corrugated board with uncoated media.

    Delta SPC 130 (2)

    The Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic combines a well-engineered mechanical design with easily accessible sub-assemblies and selected components to guarantee durable quality, high performance and reliability. It can manage small formats from 500 x 600mm through to very large formats with maximum dimensions of 1,300 x 2,800 mm and print a maximum thickness of 12 mm with water-based, food safe inks. The Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic machine includes non-stop feeder, four-colour single-pass printing, drying and cooling section and non-stop stacker.

    The Delta SPC 130 is part of the Koenig & Bauer Durst portfolio of solutions for corrugated converters. Another is the CorruJET 170 that post-prints sheets of corrugated up to 1.7m wide at up to 135m/min. The B1 6,000sph VariJET 106 completes the line-up and targets the folding carton market.

    The presses meet the stringent requirements for food safe primary packaging utilizing proprietary water-based ink technology and are designed with core technologies to provide automated, productive, food safe printing systems. They deliver shorter response times, more variants, shorter run lengths, individualization and enable more and more small value orders. They also answer the increasing customer demand for brand security, sustainability and the ability to meet brand owners’ requirements for multichannel communication including e-commerce.

    Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst, said: “All these innovations for our Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic are designed to exceed market needs. Food safety and packaging is a constant topic of conversation. These new water-based inks will ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging and extend the color gamut, which, in turn, will impact positively on brand management for brand owners. Brand owners are demanding that new production methods are reliable, compliant and cost effective while converters need to have the capabilities and competencies to mass customize without any compromise on quality.”

    Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst (1)

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    news-1826 Tue, 20 Oct 2020 07:19:00 +0200 High-quality retrofit secures long-term production reliability for Parzeller print & media in Fulda http://iberica.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/detail/article/high-quality-retrofit-secures-long-term-production-reliability-for-parzeller-print-media-in-fulda/
  • Retrofit secures long-term production reliability
  • Software brought up to date
  • More than 40 million book products per year
  • The retrofit comprised new drive and control technology for the Compacta S80 currently installed at Parzeller print & media in Fulda. The Compacta S80 is a short-grain heatset press for commercial web offset production of up to 32 A4 pages. Over the course of the retrofit, the overall press control system, the unit-level controls and the quality control systems, including a soft-proofing facility, were brought into line with the latest standards. At the same time, the mechanical drives of various press components were replaced with dedicated AC electric drives. The downtime necessary to complete the retrofit was used to perform a thorough mechanical overhaul of the printing units, the superstructure and the folder. Both the new drives and the new control systems are fully compatible with Koenig & Bauer’s remote maintenance service. Remote maintenance access enables Koenig & Bauer to provide comprehensive diagnostics and support for the new control system at any time if any irregularities should arise during operation.

    Markus Thiel, print centre manager at Parzeller print & media (front right), and Patrick Schneppe, head of print technology at Koenig & Bauer (rear left), are agreed that the retrofit secures the long-term quality and production reliability of the press

    Markus Thiel, print centre manager at Parzeller print & media, explains the background: “The Compacta S80 stands out with its mechanical robustness, dependability, and a level of print quality which is still as outstanding as ever. This knowledge gave us the confidence to perform a comprehensive electronic retrofit. Modernisation of the press enables Parzeller print & media to look forward to many more years of reliable production.”

    Thomas Potzkai, head of after-sales service at Koenig & Bauer, adds: “The mechanical and electronic measures safeguard not only the high printing and folding quality, but also maximum availability of the Compacta for production, which is an especially important factor today. The automation package and modern operating concept make life significantly easier for the press crew and permit them to concentrate on their core tasks. Service support for the press is also guaranteed for the coming years thanks to the modernisation measures.”

    More than 40 million book products every year

    With its web offset production of more than 40 million book products every year, Parzeller print & media is an established specialist for full-colour books, brochures, catalogues and magazines in compact format. Parzeller print & media belongs to the Parzeller Media Group, with more than 600 employees. Alongside the Compacta heatset press, the group also operates a Koenig & Bauer Commander press in Berliner format for coldset newspaper production, and Rapida 106 presses in 4-, 5- and 8-colour configurations for sheetfed offset.

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